19 October 2023

CA2RC member Leo steps down from Comms Team Lead

CA2RC member Leo steps down from Comms Team Lead position and involvement with RADSAT-SK2 cubesat project in Saskatchewan to focus exclusively upon the increasing workload of CA2RC. Leo provided RADSAT-SK2 members with: a) all material necessary to prepare for the ISED Basic Amateur Radio Licence exam including a remote proctor; b) selected the communication hardware for RADSAT-SK2; c) created a modified ORCAsat (University of Victoria) in-house deployable dual VHF/UHF 2m/70cm dipole antenna system; d) Communications team member retention strategies; e) antenna solutions including a proposed metamaterial antenna idea; f) provided communication system failure mitigation strategies; g) completed the Comms Team MCR (Mission Critical Review) material for the Canadian Space Agency presentation in Oct 2023. Good work Leo - glad to have you with US!

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