21 October 2023

CA2RC-SAT Team Building

CA2RC-SAT Team Building with Leo Yoshinaka as STEM Cubesat trainer. Attempt #1 to build a CW transmitter using a 1960s Radio Shack “100-in-1” kit with instruction book with complete with a wood project box. Sadly, no success due to a damaged wire between the spring connector terminals. Team did troubleshoot and work together to resolve using a variety of strategies, a positive attitude, and a few laughs in the process. We will try again next week with a newer Radio Shack kit and fresh modern connection wires. We will transition to an Arduino, a laptop, use the Radio Shack device for input/sensors, and a transmitter, then output to a nearby radio - incrementally promoting concept of hardware modularity and building team confidence without soldering or breadboards. Also part of the amateur radio training component of CA2RC. Matt Murray & James Cole step down due to CA2RC CUSA/CSES accreditation requirements processes and other committments. Matt will remain as ADCS mentor.

Join us!

Volunteers needed for CA2RC-SAT Cubesat development.


We receive no funding from Carleton University and rely solely on donations.